Founded in 1998, LMOY is a high-end indoor footwear brand under Waytone Corporation (Suzhou). The company is commited to exploring, innovating and subverting the leisure shoes style, adhereing to the "Light, elegant and comfortable" core concept, and aiming to become the pioneer and leader of high-end indoor shoes. LMOY is leading the fashion of light indoor shoes, and its main products cover fabric shoes,  linen slippers, leather slippers and other high-end indoor shoes.

Founded in 1998, Waytone Corporation (Suzhou) is located in Suzhou, with the factory covering an area of 6,000 square meters. Specializing in the R&D, design, manufacturing and marketing of high-end indoor shoes, Waytone has created two independent brands, "LMOY"and "Softin". With the ingenuity and perseverance for 20 years as one day, Waytone has established more than 20 direct-sale stores in Mainland China and set up more than 100 sales outlets in the upscale shopping malls and boutique supermarkets in first and second tier cities, occupying a strong leading position in the domestic high-end indoor shoes market. 

As a leader in the high-end indoor shoes, Suzhou Waytone Footwear has also established trade relations with high-end retailers in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea to produce premium indoor shoes for global customers.


Comfort and unboundedness

It is an art to make indoor shoes with carving, fine needlework.

Designing, lasting making, material selection, tailoring, sewing , testing ect., each craftmanship details are worthy of lengthy deliberations as they are full of great truth.

LMOY indoor shoes philosophy as an independent school, offers life with love and makes shoes with care.

LMOY is committed to the "Loving more" lifestyle with light indoor shoes, advocating exquisite workmanship, and focusing on the interpretation of details, to design ergonomic indoor shoes for high-end fashionable people. Well versed in shoemaking craft, LMOY integrates the leather shoes making method, and perfectly presents the pragmatism with sophisticated technology. Following the cutting-edge design concept of “Lightweight, comfort and environmentally friendly”, LMOY draws inspiration from the quarterly top fashion trends, and designs exquisite and beautiful shoes that are the first choice for people to pursue leisure and light life.

  • 1998


    Initial stage

    Founded in 1998, Waytone Corporation(Suzhou) is located in Suzhou, with the factory covering an area of 6,000 square meters.

  • 2002


    Rapid development period

    Chengdu branch was established, and Chengdu Ito Shuang nan Store, Ito Gao xin Store, Ito Jin hua Store, Ito Wen jiang Store were established successively.

  • 2006


    Build international brand

    Established long-term cooperation with famous French brands, and established trade relationship wth middle and high end retailers in the United States, Britain, Belgium and Japan successively.

  • 2011


    Involved in the network sales platform

    Set up LMOY brand flagship store, with official flagship stores in Taobao and other online shopping platforms

  • 2012


    Focus on the product quality construction

    Through the unremitting efforts of our team, we passed the IS09001 quality management system certification in 2012

  • 2016


    Open a new era of sales mode

    Joined the on-line shop and opened WeChat LMOY flagship store. For more rich contents, Welcome to follow us.

Extraordinary Quality, Exquisite Workmanship

LMOY has adhered to the craftsman spirit and pursue the excellence. For each product, strict control is carried out from the shoe last design to product production, with the pursuit of perfection in every step and every little detail. Integrating the inspiration of a number of international designers, LMOY indoor shoes are created after 58 exquisite processes.

Core competitiveness

Well versed in shoe-making skills, perfect presentation of pragmatism with exquisite workmanship Design of perfect shoe last radian based on the ergonomics Rubber anti-slip patented technology has reached the EU testing standards,and the pattern design conforms to the principle of mechanics. Adopting the cutting-edge technology and leading the aesthetic trend of indoor shoes. Step on the comfort up in the air, embrace the forces of nature.

Brand spirit: Focus on making a pair of good indoor shoes since 1998 .

The quality of craftsmanship: Only after 58 processes, can a pair of LMOY shoes be created .

Light footwear: Light sense on the feet, leading the light fashion of indoor shoes.


Waytone Corporation (Suzhou) has established more than 20 direct sales stores in China, and set up more than 100 sales outlets in the high-end shopping malls and boutique supermarkets in the first and second tier cities. With the joint operation of two brands ##-LMOY and Softin, Waytone is committed to meeting the needs of different regions and customers’ various expectation  with a full  range of products, providing O2O one-stop shopping experience.

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