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LMOY visited SUZHOU SOCIAL WELFARE HOME on 18th, October as usually. 

It is said that SUZHOU SOCIAL WELFARE HOME is a newly established charity house, it is an entity of raising &caring, rehabilitation, health care, education, learning and skills training, is the only nationwide governmental supporting institute to adopt those who is homeless, helpless, no life source of old, the young and pure barrier, namely three without personnel modernization and comprehensive social welfare services. 

LMOY provide children and seniors in welfare homes with such caring materials as cotton tows, cloth shoes, books and snacks, so as to warm up and care for others.

The hospital received us kindly

Staff of the Suzhou welfare home expressed their gratitude for LMOY's loving ACTS and awarded the donation certificate.

Certificate of donation

LMOY visiting representatives interacted with children in welfare homes and distributed snacks.

Only always keeping love can to do business well.
Founded in 1998, Waytone footwear insisted that loving more when walking, people-oriented, develops activity of" public welfare donations, with love" public welfare projects donated incomplete children, etc. 

At the same time, Waytone Footwear always adhere to the originality also in shoes manufacturing, good service to every customer, brand LMOY and SOFTIN with high quality product quality and service has gradually set up a good brand image of trustworthy in the consumer mind.

"In fact, we all have a 'humble public welfare dream'. Following the company's public welfare steps, we felt the joy and inspiration of helping him and understood the public welfare responsibility he shouldered.
"A casual love devotion action can quietly grow a powerful life form"


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