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Review of the GIFTEX in Tokyo, The quality of ingenuity will continue to go ahead!

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GIFTEX WORLD is the leading sourcing platform for gift & grocery, also an essential business opportunity for exhibitors to show brand strength and sourcing partners, it has being always attracting many importers, whole sellers and retailors from all over the world. 

Here, the GIFTEX is arena and dramatic event for brands, an event of both visual and feeling. For LMOY, participating more times the GIFTEX WORLD is a journey and glory.

LMOY, being in high and vigorous spirits, with its latest products, the edge-cutting technology, presented at this exhibition.

This exhibition attracted many walk-in visitors to learn, to talk with us.  During the whole exhibition period, we was always busy in receive visitors’ consultations.

Preserving the craftsmanship and endeavoring ingenuity.

This exhibition lasted 3 days, but LMOY taking its 19 years, insisting on the core concept of “lightweight, elegant, comfort”. Keep going forward with the great mission that we are always producing the most premium products for customers; making optimum benefits for corporation, seeking the maximum interests for workers. In the future, LMOY will continue to inherit the craftsmanship process, to research and develop innovative high-end indoor shoes, exploring much more light and elegant life experience for you. 
Loving more is for your high-quality life. 

Ingenuity leads to quality and win your heart!

In future, let us work together to face a more colorful tomorrow.


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